Policy Statements

CAARA endorses the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Archives

No.TitleDate adoptedStatus
24Social Media Records of Ministers2018Current
23Employee Exchanges and Secondments (replaces Policy No. 3)2017Current
22Guideline for the use of third party providers to digitise and provide access to records2010Current
21Guideline for CAARA Institutions on Online Media ParticipationFebruary 2011Current
20Online Access to Public RecordsNovember 2010Current
19Intellectual property policyFebruary 2009Current
18Providing financial support to third partiesDecember 2008Current
17International cooperationFebruary 2009Current
16Statement of principle - Providing public access to records in Australian government archivesMarch 2007Current
15Models for the distributed custody and management of government archival records16 March 2006Current
14Statement of Principle: Access to records of Indigenous Australians affected by past separation policies1 April 2004Current
13Recordkeeping issues associated with outsourcing and privatisation of government functions13 March 2007Current
12ISO 15489: Information and Documentation - Records Management8 March 2002Current
11Guidelines for the treatment of records of Inter-Governmental agencies8 March 2008Current
10Management of records relating to Native Title ClaimsMarch 2009Current
9Ephemeral Documents - Policy outlining the definition and application of 'ephemeral records' and 'normal administrative practice' conceptsAugust 2007Current
8Australian Government Locator Service (AGLS) Metadata (external link)15 August 2000Current
7Principles on Full and Accurate Records15 August 2000Current
6Policy on Ministerial RecordsMarch 2007Current
5Disposition of Records Following Administrative ChangeAugust 2008Current
4Corporate Memory in the Electronic Age1 December 1997Archived
3Staff Exchanges (replaced by Policy No. 23)March 2007Archived
2Recovery of Estrays (updated 2018)February 2008Current
1Statement on cooperation toward the development of Descriptive StandardsAugust 2007Current