Current Work Items

ADRI collaborates in the development of practical strategies to enable the creation, preservation and access to born-digital and digitised records.   A number of projects are currently underway, these include:

Improving digital transfers

Project Managers: David Brown (PROV)

This project involves identifying opportunities to improve digital transfer from agencies to archives.

The project will identify opportunities to improve the digital transfer process that could be addressed by subsequent ADRI projects, and document the process, techniques, and tools used by jurisdictions in carrying out a digital transfer.

Machine learning applications for archives

Project Managers Tatiana Antsoupova (NAA)

The project will develop a research agenda for he application of machine leaning for archival management; facilitate sharing practical experiences and provide an avenue for exchange of knowledge between archival authorities, and identify any potential for joint projects if applicable.

Recordkeeping metadata property reference set (Implementation guidance for AS/NZS 5478:2015 recordkeeping metadata property reference set (RMPRS))

Project Manager:  Esther Carey (NAA)

CAARA members have agreed to adopt AS/NZS 5478:2015. This project will develop standardised text and implementation guidance to be used by CAARA members to support agency adoption of AS/NZS 5478:2015

Project Manager Esther Carey (NAA) has set up a working group with representatives from QSA, NSW, SA and PROV.