Contractor Records Working Group

The Contractor Records Working Group was a CAARA Working Group that comprised of representatives of the government archives authorities of the Commonwealth of Australia, New Zealand and each of the Australian States and Territories. The group was operational until March 2007 when the group was dissolved due to CAARA’s changing project requirements.

Aims and Objectives

The Contractor Records Working Group will provide coordination between CAARA members on the review and update of the principles of CAARA Policy 13: Recordkeeping Issues associated with Outsourcing and Privatisation of Government Functions. In general, these principles relate to planning, ownership, control, disposal, access, storage and contract completion with regard to outsourced and privatised government functions and the records created, captured and maintained as a result of this activity.

The Group aims to:

  • Collaborate in the review and update of Policy 13
  • Exchange information on records management practices with regard to outsourcing, privatisation, public and private partnerships and non-government organisations within different jurisdictions
  • Develop a revised statement of recordkeeping principles for outsourced, privatised and shared government functions
  • Articulate CAARA’s expectations of best practice record keeping in relation to contractor records
  • Research currently available working and published papers about contractor records
  • Develop and recommend particular guidelines, standards and statements of principle for CAARA endorsement and utilisation throughout Australasia in relation to contractor records.


The Working Group comprises of the following representatives of CAARA members.

Barry Garside 08 8924 7670 NT
Stephen Clarke 64 4499 5595 NZ
Kirsten Sweeney 08 8204 8786 SA
Tamara Wenham 08 8204 8762 SA
Bill Taylor 03 6214 4893 TAS
Deborah Drinkell TAS
Belinda Walton 03 9348 5790 VIC
Rachel U’Ren 03 9348 5702 VIC
Isabel Smith 08 9427 3371 WA


The Working Group will meet once a month via teleconference, with one of its meetings timed to coincide with the annual conference of the Australian Society of Archivists or the Records Management Association of Australia.

The Working Group first met via teleconference in May 2006.


The Working Group is responsible for the following projects:

Topic Responsibility Timeframe
Review and update of Policy 13 Public Record Office Victoria Estimated completion date – March 2007

Project Definition

To review and update CAARA Policy 13: Recordkeeping issues associated with outsourcing and privatisation of government functions.

Project Principles

  • Foster communication and collaboration between the members of the working group
  • Foster consistent approaches among CAARA authorities on records principles
  • Target the information needs of record managers in government agencies in relation to contractor records.

Project Scope

The following work is within scope of this project:

  • Review and update of the CAARA statement of principles on outsourced and privatised records of Policy 13
  • Collaboration with other jurisdiction records and archival authorities
  • Publication on the CAARA website
  • Definitions relevant to appropriate legislation and recordkeeping with respect to contractor records.

The following work is possibly within scope of this project:

  • The construction of generic contract clauses relevant to the principles of CAARA Policy 13 (to be determined by the working group at the completion of Stage 1 of the project).

The following work is out of the scope of this project:

  • Training in the Management of Contractor Records.
  • Jurisdiction specific principles on Contractor Records.
  • Legal review of generic contract clauses by a law firm with Australia / New Zealand expertise


The group’s operations began in May 2006 and are anticipated to be completed in March 2007.

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