Australasian Digital Recordkeeping Initiative

The Australasian Digital Recordkeeping Initiative (ADRI) is an initiative formed by the Council of Australasian Archives and Records Authorities, (CAARA), the peak body of government archives and records institutions in Australia and New Zealand.

Contact Details
Justine Heazlewood
Director, Public Record Office Victoria


The primary objective of ADRI is to pool resources and expertise to find better ways to ensure digital records are preserved and made accessible for the future. The scope of work that ADRI undertakes covers the range of activities that can broadly be identified as:

  • making and managing digital
  • records keeping digital records in agencies and in archives and records authorities
  • transferring digital records to archives and records authorities
  • using digital records and archives


Project Name Project Objectives/Deliverables Projected Completion Date
Microsoft 365 Requirements: Supporting use

Better communicating the ADRI Microsoft 365 Requirements document and supporting its use. This could include

  • Developing a communications campaign and/or repackaging the document to improve communications
  • Developing a technical specification which could be used in procurement


Microsoft 365 Compliance Templates

Researching the functionality of Microsoft compliance templates with a view to
seeing if they could be used by government agencies to provide (at least some)
information about their compliance with recordkeeping standards and policies.

Blockers to Digital Transfer

Researching the blockers that prevent agencies from transferring digital records
(something that ADRI members with digital archives experience) and identifying
what is needed for successful digital transfer. This could include researching
case studies of digital transfers (both successful and unsuccessful) and
identifying common denominators for successful transfer.

Feb 2024