First Nations Special Interest Group

The First Nations Special Interest Group was established in 2020 for CAARA’s response to the Tandanya-Adelaide Declaration and includes representation from eight Australian states and territories, National Archives of Australia and Archives New Zealand. The role of the Special Interest Group is to build upon themes and commitments outlined in the Declaration for implementation across CAARA institutions.

The Declaration calls on archives around the world to re-imagine the meaning of archives as an engaging model of social memory; to embrace Indigenous worldviews; to decolonise archival principles with Indigenous knowledge methods; to open public archives to Indigenous interpretations; and aims to see public archives as ethical spaces for encounter, respect, negotiation and collaboration without dominance or judgement.

CAARA and its member institutions support the themes and commitments enshrined in the Declaration. They commit to improving services to Indigenous peoples ensuring practices are inclusive and creating spaces that support ethical and respectful dialogue with a focus on engagement, learning and collaboration across CAARA organisations.


The objectives of the Special Interest Group are to:

  • build upon themes and commitments outlined in the Tandanya-Adelaide Declaration for implementation across CAARA institutions
  • promote a common approach and respectful ethical relationships between our respective institutions and Indigenous communities
  • provide advice to CAARA Executive Board, promote collaboration and cooperation among CAARA members around Indigenous issues;
  • seek to identify and respond to emerging trends in the provision of public access to records relating to Indigenous communities and issues, and advise CAARA Executive Board accordingly.
Contact Details
Phyllis Williams (Chair)
National Archives of Australia


Phyllis Williams


National Archives of Australia

Taila Roth


National Archives New Zealand

Anita Cairnduff

Archives ACT, Territory Records Office

Linda Bell

Library and Archives Northern Territory

Karin Haveman

Office of the State Archivist Tasmania

Tsari Anderson

Public Record Office Victoria

Kathryn King

Queensland State Archives

Fiona Sullivan

State Archives and Records Authority of New South Wales

Tamara Wenham

State Records of South Australia

Gerard Foley

State Records of Western Australia


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