National Bodies Working Group

The National Bodies Working Group was established in 2010 to deal with the creation of the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA), a national body required to operate in accordance with legislation from eight different states and territories. The role of the Working Group was later broadened to focus on all national government bodies established to operate across different jurisdictions. CAARA Policy 11 Guidelines for the Treatment of Records of Inter-Governmental Agencies guides the work of the Group.

National Bodies are established under national schemes where Constitutional powers rest with States and Territories, and not the Commonwealth, and where the bodies concerned are not otherwise Commonwealth bodies. The Working Group maintains a register of national bodies and their respective legislative recordkeeping obligations to clarify which recordkeeping act applies.

See the Terms of Reference for the working group.

The group concluded in 2021.

Work achieved since 2010

Project Name Project Objectives/Deliverables Projected Completion Date