Australasian Digital Recordkeeping Initiative

The Australasian Digital Recordkeeping Initiative (ADRI) is an undertaking of the Council of Australasian Archives and Records Authorities, (CAARA) the peak body of government archives and records institutions in Australia and New Zealand.

ADRI Is a Working Group of CAARA. The ADRI Convenor is appointed by CAARA. The current ADRI Convenor is Justine Heazlewood, Director and Keeper of Public Records, Public Record Office Victoria.

ADRI was formed to articulate and promote a common approach to digital recordkeeping and to collaborate, engage and inform, and share resources in the development of practical strategies for enabling the creation and preservation of, and long-term access to, born-digital and digitised records

CAARA ensures that ADRI outcomes meet the needs and expectations of all ADRI member institutions and that ADRI objectives are met. As ADRI work is completed, it is put up to CAARA for approval.

All governments in Australia and New Zealand (supported by their archives and records authority) implement a common approach to making, keeping and using digital records to ensure accountability and the long-term protection of vital cultural heritage.
The public records institutions of Australia and New Zealand face similar, if not identical, challenges in the digital era:

  • How can they best support government agencies to make and manage full and accurate digital records of their decisions and activities?
  • How can they ensure that digital records are preserved (either in or out of archival custody) in an authentic, reliable and useable form for as long as they are required by government and the people?
  • How can digital records best be made available for use after they have been preserved?

The primary objective of ADRI is to pool resources and expertise to find better ways to ensure that digital records are preserved and made accessible for the future. Every one of the national, state and territory public records institutions in Australia and New Zealand have joined together to form this Initiative. They have agreed to collaborate on the development, articulation and implementation of a common set of strategies for enabling the making, keeping and using of the digital records of governments.

The scope of work that ADRI will undertake covers the range of activities that can broadly be identified as:

  • Making and managing digital records
  • Keeping digital records in agencies and in archives and records authorities
  • Transferring digital records to archives and records authorities
  • Using digital records and archives