Royal Commission Working Group

In October 2014 CAARA established the “Royal Commission Working Group” (Working Group) to consider the complexities and issues relating to the joint Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and to obtain CAARA member consensus on the custody and disposal of, and access to, these records.

Membership of the Working Group consists of representatives from the Commonwealth and all States and Territories.

Members of the Working Group in 2018 are:

Dani Wickman (ACT) – CAARA Executive Lead

Simon Froude (SA) – CAARA


Eric Swain (NAA – Chair)

Esther Carey (NAA – Secretariat)

Megan Robinson (ACT)

Anna Morris (Qld)

Kylie Good (Qld)

Jennifer Trafford (Qld)

Alison Drecharge (Qld)

Sharon Mennis (Qld)

Troy Pullen (Qld)

Linda Bell (NT)

Louise Paynter (NT)

Alison McNulty (Vic)

Samara Mcllroy (Tas)

Tony Leviston (SA)

Janine Silvestri (SA)

Martin Fordham (WA)

Lena Stekl (WA)

Angela McGing (NSW)

Catherine Robinson (NSW)

Tara Majoor (NSW)

Previous Chairs:

Linda Macfarlane (NAA)

Lauren Banks (NAA)

Between 2014 and 2018 the Working Group focussed on:

  • Determining primary custodian for records of the Royal Commission
  • Ensuring disposal coverage
  • Considering legislated access regimes
  • Considering potential for changes in ownership where materials gathered by the Royal Commission are passed on to State/Territory/Commonwealth authorities for further investigation.
  • Work with the Royal Commission on their recordkeeping requirements

During this time the Working Group was also asked or approved to take on responsibilities for:

  • Records of former joint Royal Commissions in the custody of the National Archives
  • Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption (requested by CAARA Aug 2015 but no action taken as negotiations were almost concluded)
  • A Statement of Principles outlining arrangements for records of future joint Royal Commissions.

Through that time the Working Group regularly reported to CAARA.

In 2018 CAARA approved expanding the Terms of Reference <insert link> for the Working Group, with the scope now incorporating:

  • Working on arrangements for records of former and future joint Royal Commissions, similar to those for the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse
  • Collaborating or sharing information on responding to  recordkeeping related recommendations of joint Royal Commissions
  • Sharing information on single jurisdiction Royal Commissions particularly where there may be recordkeeping impacts for more than one jurisdiction..

The Working Group are also considering those recommendations made by the Royal Commission that relate to the management of records and information sharing.