CAARA Policy 24 – Social Media Records of Ministers

Joint CAARA position statement on managing social media as a record, with reference to the information created by ministers as part of their official role

Records created or comments received by Ministers using social media tools when carrying out their ministerial or portfolio responsibilities are official records of government business. In all states and territories, as well as the Australian Commonwealth and New Zealand, destruction of official records must occur in line with permissions granted by the relevant archives and records authorities or as provided in other legislation.

Ministers are responsible for ensuring that social media records they create or comments they receive as part of official government business are maintained to uphold accountability. This includes making them available to satisfy public access requests under relevant legislation including archival and access to information regimes.

Social media records created or comments received by a Minister that do not relate to ministerial responsibilities, such as electorate, party political or personal matters, are not considered official records of government business.