ADRI collaborates in the development of practical strategies to enable the creation, preservation and access to born-digital and digitised records.   A number of projects are currently underway, these include:

Machine learning applications for archives Project Manager: Tatiana Antsoupova (NAA)

The project will develop a research agenda for the application of machine learning for archival management; facilitate sharing practical experiences and provide an avenue for exchange of knowledge between archival authorities, and identify any potential for joint projects if applicable.

(Implementation guidance for AS/NZS 5478:2015 recordkeeping metadata property reference set (RMPRS)) Project Manager: Esther Carey (NAA)

CAARA members have agreed to adopt AS/NZS 5478:2015. This project will develop standardised text and implementation guidance to be used by CAARA members to support agency adoption of AS/NZS 5478:2015

Project Manager Esther Carey (NAA) has set up a working group with representatives from QSA, NSW, SA and PROV.