Project Teams

Project teams are formed for each ADRI deliverable (Work Item).

By agreement with the ADRI Convenor, a member institution will accept sponsoring responsibility for each particular project. The sponsoring institution accepts responsibility for ensuring that the project mandate is carried out. ADRI teams may be made up of representatives from single institutions or from a range of ADRI member institutions.

Each team will have one project manager, to be provided by the sponsoring institution, who will have day-to-day authority over the project. The project manager ensures the delivery of the project to the agreed level of quality, on time and within budget (as determined by the Plenary and the sponsoring institution). The project manager will be responsible for convening meetings as appropriate for the project team. The project manager will report back on the project to the wider ADRI members.

Teams may also include technical subject leaders. Technical subject leaders will provide technical advice about the project to the project manager.