Archival Statistics

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CAARA has been collecting statistics about the work of its members since 2000. The statistical database is a valuable source of comparative information for individual archives to make use of, and it provides data to support applications for funding to governments and other resource-allocating bodies.

In 2017, CAARA reviewed the statistics it collects and made changes to reflect current archival practices. For 2017-18, new data collected will include statistics around government recordkeeping activities, the volume of digital transfers made from government agencies and digital and online services provided to public clients.

CAARA Statistics by Year

Broader Archival Surveys

In 2007 CAARA conducted a survey of the broader archive domain.

For some years the former Australian Council of Archives (ACA) conducted an annual survey of all its members and some other institutions that have archives management programs. The ACA was a consultative body, formally established in July 1985, open to any organisation in Australia which collected and preserved archival materials, whether produced by itself or by other bodies or persons. The ACA was wound up in 2000.

The ACA had first conducted a survey of its members in 1989 covering the year ending 1988. A survey was conducted annually until the ACA was wound up.

Disclosure of information collected in surveys